Sally Lightfoot

There was an old crab that hurried Light on her feet in a scurry. When caught in the rocks Her eyes wound like clocks As the tide came in in a flurry.

Looking up

The beach can be a lonely place For hermit crabs, sole fish and shell. The horizon is an endless desert For monsters Who beach up and stare... But when I look up, All I see on the horizon Is a HUGE, GYNORMOUS, ENDLESS stretch of MUM!


A Trickling stream thaws the silent dawn while bright eyes wink awake from the water watching for a twinkling little robin, red as the ripened berries at Christmas.

Mum’s Shadow

When I march hurriedly, I do it in mum’s shadow! When I play clumsily I do it in mum’s shadow! And when the heat From marching and playing Make me drink noisily, I do it in mum’s shadow!

How to paint a wild dog

Wait for the smoke of a bush fire To char the tough fur black and dry And let drip a lean, beating tongue, Then paint its delicate ankles With bandages to sooth the burns.   At this sorry sight, most would cry, So give its tail a cotton tip And stand its ears up like... Continue Reading →

Night Drive

Daytime shuts its eye, Leaving black velvet To drape the thinning light.   Bold as a dream, A flashlight tears the canvas, Revealing a dazzling prince, Golden, awake.

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