Adder, adder, tremor of dreams Fork in the quilt Rush of a sting through signalling blood What brings you out in this laid bare light? Where burning blushes Ripen the skin And sheet stripped eyes stare open, Medusa. Charged like a whip Which brings down the bull Adder, adder stay under cover Where shame keeps... Continue Reading →


The sand which cast the termites out Marked the drag of a scaly myth, Trailing into thick, low tangle 'A pangolin! A pangolin!' We cried, Jolting at its heels! Plated like a Legion Soldier It rolled up tight into a ball. While spearing eyes poke the armour For face, for nose, or eye! But special... Continue Reading →

White hare in a brown world

In the snowless winter The snow hare hunkers down In a kink near some heather Or a covering of rock. Either way it won’t be known As cotton blends with ash, or a snowflake tickles your nose Or a marshmallow bobs in a hot chocolate glass

The Youth of Today

Indifference. Irresponsibility. Ignorance. Just 3 brushes that teenagers are probably quite used to being tarnished then beaten with. Well not these ones. I have the honour of teaching the young writer below and 2 other advocates for action against climate change who decided to forge a bond for strike action in Coventry.  It offers me... Continue Reading →

Rush Hour (The Great Garden Birdwatch)

3 male blackbirds clash like cymbals,,, 2 females flit their tails// A chaffinch pair stoop to share The scattered seed all spread below... Magpie glides, phantom pied A washing wagtail Meets crows' eyes.. The pigeons 'cuuuu' All tits are blue A goldfinch family chats a charm The dunnocks' legs are orange pegs A crystal song... Continue Reading →

Zebra Concept

You wanna know who’s bringing the raaaaa! to this delta yah? Not a rhino or Malibu stork, Forget the rolling hip of a cheetah, We’ve all seen spots on a cat-walk... But what about stripes? Imagine darling... Fierce stripes dazzling a crossing A raging concept right?!

Blind Spot

The shade draws me in from the scorching sun Into a hood of trees, clandestine tongued With the sun that winks, To blind. Eye blots. A snap of a twig And then I see spots...

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