Blind Spot

The shade draws me in from the scorching sun Into a hood of trees, clandestine tongued With the sun that winks, To blind. Eye blots. A snap of a twig And then I see spots...

Ground Squirrels

Jitters in the wind, Slithers in the grass, Tremors in the ground And shadows that pass... These are all things That jangle our bones Best to keep one toe Pinned to our home.


The meadow is full Where the Wheatear flits The air is a buzz The season is bliss Clocks hasten their tick And the wheatear times Every beak-full With her hungry 9 The calling begins So the wheatear gleams Her penny like eye Then dives down to feed, feed, feed.

To the jackal the valley wakes

A silent hide, a swaying valley Dripping trees pegged up like art As shaded creatures dilly dally A cuckoo winds me down to start “Hush” the wind said, “look no more, Into your dull eye let me pour The colour of these desert lands" And into sleep I drift like sand. All still, All slack,... Continue Reading →


What makes this feathery cherub ascend? Fanning its tail out like Liberty's crown, Who do its talons to providence send? "One lovely mouse."


When I reached up the mountain top Alone I was for certain Till higher yet, 2 vultures shot Out of the blue azure They came between the sun and me And cast their lumbering shadows A rush of blood then stitched my cheek, Humility was sown.

Lavender to bee

Whirring in to purple gems A perfume makes me spin Tapping out the pollen count That sweetens up my wings... Herby flower, Buzzing hour, Pollen power, Lavender is lavish.

Hay Meadow

Hay meadow, why do you let your hair grow wild? Hay people, have you seen it draped in light? Hay meadow, your grass plaits tall and fine Hay people, for butterflies to climb And folded wings to raise Before opening in the haze...

Town Clock

On spiring ledge, The storks do crank, Their winding necks, Tall necks... Tick along, Timely beaks turn ticktock, Tick along... Like the old town clock.

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