In the morning, ~ Sunlight turns the dew of night ~ into stars that jingle bright. ~ In the morning, ~ Bracken rolls its duvet down ~ when the sky reveals its crown ~ turning air blood-orange fresh ~ rousing souls in Beastie’s breath.


Red is the moon ~ In a lunar eclipse ~ Red is your hair ~ When the mornings are crisp ~ Red is the fire ~ That purrs in the fender ~ Though none does red like stag ~ In autumn’s red splendour ~

The Blithe Bull

Sea slashes, sand drags ~ The harbinger cries ~ As the bull rolls in ~ Steel through the waves ~ Tumble of rug up the beach ~ Shaking the cows as planks in a storm ~

Smooch you

Smooch you with long lips ~ Like you’re all I’ve got ~ Tender as ribbons that cross in a knot ~ Smooch you with lashes ~ That flare like a gun ~ Blinking as daisies, flash in the sun ~ Smooch in the meadow ~ Near the estuary’s bend ~ Smooch you like the sweet drops... Continue Reading →


Sometimes.... it takes a nuzzle to set a seed~ free~ a finch with a pincer~ to clip the wing’s string~ you have your charms~ but I’m like the thistle~ Kissed by a beak, likely to~ slip~ in the down of a feather~ fleeing the finch like a wish

Dr Funk Dragon

Looking to treat a dreary tune?~ You’ll find the doctor ~ Winding through his lair of intricate grooves ~ Shaking the toes of ground up bones ~ Sliding its trail of colour down ancient stones ~ Cool blood, hot skin. ~ Even when its scales retreat ~ They glow on like a little dragon’s heat ~... Continue Reading →

Trickster (fox trails)

When~ Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,~ One brushed by a trickster~ The other a guardian spirit~ I took the path I felt had the chance~ Of finding a fox, don’t know why~ But dread drummed like the woodpeckers~ The further I looked down the trodden path~ Those saplings, stretching out their infant arms.~... Continue Reading →

Open Piano

A closed piano has no meaning~ Until it’s opened up to play~ A lid that lifts the morning’s shadows~ Tipping dust like dessert capes~ An open piano finds a harmony~ Like the brace of leaning napes~

Mellow Migrant

Clouded yellow blending into a bramble bush. One of the few things with 'cloud' in its name to paradoxically put a brightener on your day. 'Cloudy lemonade 'also receives that accolade.

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