White hare in a brown world

In the snowless winter The snow hare hunkers down In a kink near some heather Or a covering of rock. Either way it won’t be known As cotton blends with ash, or a snowflake tickles your nose Or a marshmallow bobs in a hot chocolate glass

Rush Hour (The Great Garden Birdwatch)

3 male blackbirds clash like cymbals,,, 2 females flit their tails// A chaffinch pair stoop to share The scattered seed all spread below... Magpie glides, phantom pied A washing wagtail Meets crows' eyes.. The pigeons 'cuuuu' All tits are blue A goldfinch family chats a charm The dunnocks' legs are orange pegs A crystal song... Continue Reading →

Zebra Concept

You wanna know who’s bringing the raaaaa! to this delta yah? Not a rhino or Malibu stork, Forget the rolling hip of a cheetah, We’ve all seen spots on a cat-walk... But what about stripes? Imagine darling... Fierce stripes dazzling a crossing That’s totally tefft right?!

Blind Spot

The shade draws me in from the scorching sun Into a hood of trees, clandestine tongued With the sun that winks, To blind. Eye blots. A snap of a twig And then I see spots...

Ground Squirrels

Jitters in the wind, Slithers in the grass, Tremors in the ground And shadows that pass... These are all things That jangle our bones Best to keep one toe Pinned to our home.


The meadow is full Where the Wheatear flits The air is a buzz The season is bliss Clocks hasten their tick And the wheatear times Every beak-full With her hungry 9 The calling begins So the wheatear gleams Her penny like eye Then dives down to feed, feed, feed.

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