When I reached up the mountain top Alone I was for certain Till higher yet, 2 vultures shot Out of the blue azure They came between the sun and me And cast their lumbering shadows A rush of blood then stitched my cheek, Humility was sown.

Lavender to bee

Whirring in to purple gems A perfume makes me spin Tapping out the pollen count That sweetens up my wings... Herby flower, Buzzing hour, Pollen power, Lavender is lavish.

Hay Meadow

Hay meadow, why do you let your hair grow wild? Hay people, have you seen it draped in light? Hay meadow, your grass plaits tall and fine Hay people, for butterflies to climb And folded wings to raise Before opening in the haze...

Town Clock

On spiring ledge, The storks do crank, Their winding necks, Tall necks... Tick along, Timely beaks turn ticktock, Tick along... Like the old town clock.

Little pond fever

Warty newt with yellow toes With skin that bumps And crest that glows Those spots that pop On your belly show The small pond fever That spreads below.

The Bittern

Here rides the bittern Snatching feet A needle spire For a beak It twists above us And breaks the current Then when it disappears Its step you cannot hear Among the reeds

A Right Pair

When 2 swans trumpeted to fly out north With heralding whoops and bright eyed splashes The others drew out and formed a runway To lead them straight to green, open tundra But zeal can often be the trap of fools As in their sweet romance they flew madly And smacked themselves across a blind pylon... Continue Reading →

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