Beach Boy

Flint soaking up some rays along the East Lothian coast line. Don't be fooled by that innocent glint in his eyes; he is on the lead for a reason: he can't be trusted around the nesting skylarks in the sand dunes!

Mellow Migrant

Clouded yellow blending into a bramble bush. One of the few things with 'cloud' in its name to paradoxically put a brightener on your day. 'Cloudy lemonade 'also receives that accolade.

Lulworth Skipper

He clapped his wings from out the dust~ to reach the cove, the emerald cove~ Crossed the cliffside firing range~ to reach the cove, blue bellied cove~ Sucked the summer’s, brimming colours~ while all was fine, all was fine.~

Morning Routines

My head tilts like wobbly shelves, yours ~ just floats ~ My bed is tossed on crumpled sheets, yours ~ is barely creased ~ I glare at my chin to scrape it blood dry, while your ~ feathers are placed, ~ feathers cross feathers ~ preened for preening’s sake ~ Avoiding ripples where ripples can... Continue Reading →

Sea Monster

Nature seems dead Sulphurous waves spray against black rocks, Solitary stones, standing against a pale white sky But one that lives in silence has haste to slip by Gliding through the rumble like pink oil It reaches the battered shore, Godzilla hand scaling the rocks To rise up from the cauldron froth And slide its... Continue Reading →


2 chicks tread a bare line in darkness, Puffs of dust waiting in the nebula For the spark of another The one who spins from the heat A purple, glittering gas with X ray feathers that beat Fumbling over the first, beak Locked like a missile for the second Target, a growing, reactive star. Mum... Continue Reading →

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