Lulworth Skipper

He clapped his wings from out the dust~ to reach the cove, the emerald cove~ Crossed the cliffside firing range~ to reach the cove, blue bellied cove~ Sucked the summer’s, brimming colours~ while all was fine, all was fine.~

Sea Monster

Nature seems dead Sulphurous waves spray against black rocks, Solitary stones, standing against a pale white sky But one that lives in silence has haste to slip by Gliding through the rumble like pink oil It reaches the battered shore, Godzilla hand scaling the rocks To rise up from the cauldron froth And slide its... Continue Reading →

Faith in the church yard

Like an anchored vessel, The old church mast creaks in the wind The sun on its stern, Blots the pews So as your black eyes flash From the sea of ivy A new faith arises, a float of flightless feathers, Hungry in a harbour fog But brain enough to know Who is shipping the goods... Continue Reading →

The weight of song

A bypass is no place for a bird Lighter than a pound’s diminutive mint   It’s feet are tiny tender hooks Grappling a cable’s scratchy climb But when it’s time to sing its tune No tarmac clatter jars its breath No drill of builders’ Liebher Rig Wrecks its urge to crank its song Trembling feathers, rattling... Continue Reading →

Spirit of the suburbs

A world discarded when daylight drops Lines its edges for little feet to patter past the locked-up lawns Guarded by the ribs of gates, till down a bare-bone barricade a Broken  brick lets him slip and in he comes to find a dish... (a mosaic tribute filled to drink,,,) While in the porch light blushing... Continue Reading →


Dawn is drab~ Since night’s dealings of daylight’s doubts~ Left a murky, lead air to~ Hold out the light,~ Leaving sleepers dumb and wakers faint in a fog~ But somewhere in a field, something’s eyes are~ Awake.~ Somewhere in a field, they~ Wobble, glimmer, reflect from~ All Angles.~ Somewhere in a field something slept on... Continue Reading →


There was a wee bird known to migrate Who came back on his usual March date To people in lockdown, All lonely and housebound While he chiffed and chaffed for a spring mate.


The sand which cast the termites out Marked the drag of a scaly myth, Trailing into thick, low tangle 'A pangolin! A pangolin!' We cried, Jolting at its heels! Plated like a Legion Soldier It rolled up tight into a ball. While spearing eyes poke the armour For face, for nose, or eye! But special... Continue Reading →

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