No Shame

When afternoon drags And ivory clinks on Resting on rags Under master’s bad song Your ears start to creak To notes that are wrong There’s no shame in that, You should howl along! When rain beats the shed Like a wicked old drum A sigh from the desk Makes you nose her thumb Her fingers... Continue Reading →

A Right Pair

When 2 swans trumpeted to fly out north With heralding whoops and bright eyed splashes The others drew out and formed a runway To lead them straight to green, open tundra But zeal can often be the trap of fools As in their sweet romance they flew madly And smacked themselves across a blind pylon... Continue Reading →

The Thing

When all was quiet on the promenade, ‘cept for the sea, I gazed a dark thing down on the beach, Stranded like a road side tire, Its rubber shell broiling in the heat.   Suddenly charged by the midday sun, A foot, a claw grinded into gear, Dragged, contorted and pulling away. Then a lizard... Continue Reading →

Sally Lightfoot

There was an old crab that hurried Light on her feet in a scurry. When caught in the rocks Her eyes wound like clocks As the tide came in in a flurry.

Looking up

The beach can be a lonely place For hermit crabs, sole fish and shell. The horizon is an endless desert For monsters Who beach up and stare... But when I look up, All I see on the horizon Is a HUGE, GYNORMOUS, ENDLESS stretch of MUM!


A Trickling stream thaws the silent dawn while bright eyes wink awake from the water watching for a twinkling little robin, red as the ripened berries at Christmas.

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