Mum’s Shadow

When I march hurriedly, I do it in mum’s shadow! When I play clumsily I do it in mum’s shadow! And when the heat From marching and playing Make me drink noisily, I do it in mum’s shadow!

How to paint a wild dog

Wait for the smoke of a bush fire To char the tough fur black and dry And let drip a lean, beating tongue, Then paint its delicate ankles With bandages to sooth the burns.   At this sorry sight, most would cry, So give its tail a cotton tip And stand its ears up like... Continue Reading →

Night Drive

Daytime shuts its eye, Leaving black velvet To drape the thinning light.   Bold as a dream, A flashlight tears the canvas, Revealing a dazzling prince, Golden, awake.


Up there In the dressed branches, A Leopardess wears the blood of a beast, Like a floozy wears her rouge In a classy, drunken state. She tires. Like a Queen after a Christmas feast, Her chair creaks, And her belt goes slack, Sighing to muster the effort, To fit in a night cap. Hungry as... Continue Reading →

All but 1

Latching little hooks On a disused picture antenna The fledglings broadcast in chattering yips, squawks, squabbles and whistles That sometimes dip. Like they know that 1 is missing.

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