The cat that made the sky go black

In the sparkle of diamond night~

The moon was fool enough to let~

The big cats out to prowl and play~


No wonder it hangs now by a thread~

As out of the dust from below,~

Out of the belly-low-bush,~

Sprang up a cat to catch,~

To bring down the ball of moon~

And let the night unravel…~


Clawing, hissing, biting down~

The silver thread tangled up in teeth~

To scatter skies of unseamed diamonds~

Letting velvet curtain drop.~

10 thoughts on “The cat that made the sky go black

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      1. Kruger National Park. I saw several on subsequent visits (my parents were in Mozambique and SA for many years) but that first sighting was the most memorable. We were with rangers and they left us (alone!) in the jeep while they went to flush out the cheetah they believed to be close by. They were right. She appeared with two juvenilles and settled close by and we watched in awe. The rangers stayed out of sight and it was just our family and the cats. A stunning experience.

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      2. Yes, I know just what you mean. She walked slowly out into view in just that way, to be joined soon afterwards by the youngsters. Not cubs, adolescents probably not far off independence. It was unforgettable 🙂

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