2 chicks tread a bare line in darkness,
Puffs of dust waiting in the nebula
For the spark of another
The one who spins from the heat
A purple, glittering gas
with X ray feathers that beat
Fumbling over the first, beak
Locked like a missile for the second
Target, a growing, reactive star.

Mum always did prefer the second.

6 thoughts on “Reactions

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  1. Amazing picture.

    Have you thought of putting a selection of the poems plus picture- 1 per page- into one book of poems as a collection. Put it to a publisher and see what happens?

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    1. Thanks. Might look into it. Was going to make my own journal type thing to collect a few together but this was more for private use. Can’t be that hard to get a book printed in this day and age and as you said will then see if any publishers’ fancy it.


  2. That’s quite spooky – I was thinking exactly the same thing! Your words and pictures would make a beautiful book. I’m seeing a small niche publisher…. Nothing ventured!

    And this photo is spectacular!

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