Town Clock

On spiring ledge,
The storks do crank,
Their winding necks,
Tall necks…
Tick along,
Timely beaks turn ticktock,
Tick along…
Like the old town clock.

5 thoughts on “Town Clock

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  1. The photograph reminds me of that story from Croatia where a man had rescued a stork and ever since its been living with him. The stork also had a mate that would fly across the world but would come back every single year to be with his mate.


    1. That’s a really heart-warming story. It gives me encouragement to know that there are people out there who are willing to make sacrifices for wildlife. The story about the returning mate is pretty romantic too!

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      1. It is! It’s THE most emotional story every. Especially as his mate and the guy who rescued her, wait patiently each day, hoping and praying the male stork comes back.

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