Bathing in a hurry

Hop in the bath on a Sunday

You’ve got to wash while it’s free

Wind up your wings like a hummingbird

And beat yourselves so clean.

12 thoughts on “Bathing in a hurry

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      1. Remarkably (to me) we never see starlings here in our garden. I always imagined that starlings were everywhere but seemingly not. So your photo is doubly precious!


      2. My impression has always been that they’re never too far away, but then the rate of their decline in recent years doesn’t make pretty reading. We certainly don’t take getting them regularly in the garden for granted. We’ve currently got around 30 fledglings visiting daily so we count ourselves lucky. They love the bath!

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      1. Oh yeay! That excites me so much. I really hope she enjoys it! Let her know she can contact me via this site or my Facebook page if she has an queries or comments. I do love to talk wildlife!

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    1. Thanks Mum. The garden starlings provided the inspiration to get the camera and pen. This year’s chicks haven’t long fledged and I think the bird bath is their favourite place. I’ve often seen more than 10 try to cram in at once.


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